Co-op joins forces to extend gift of compassion and power

Co-op joins forces to extend gift of compassion and power

For one local family beset with financial hardship, the season of giving carried over into the new year—thanks to the generosity of Roanoke Electric Cooperative and its industry partner, ACES.

During the Christmas holiday, employees of Roanoke Electric and ACES, an energy management company based in Carmel, Indiana, opened their hearts and wallets to donate more than $1,350 in assistance for co-op member-owner India Brown and her four children.

Some of those funds, $600, were used to put gifts under the tree for Brown’s four children, ages 7 and under. The representatives of ACES and Roanoke Electric delivered the gifts, along with a gift card for the mother, just days before Christmas. The remainder, $750, will be used to pre-pay the family’s power bills.

The co-op, working together with a local help agency, selected the Browns to help ease some of the family’s financial burden. Brown and her family live in Windsor, Bertie County, where she has been a co-op member-owner since 2014.

Brown expressed gratitude to the co-op and ACES for sponsoring her family at Christmas. “I am so thankful Roanoke Electric and ACES chose my family,” said Brown. “My children were so excited with the presents and grateful for receiving all they asked for. And I had no idea our power bill would be prepaid in addition to the gifts. We all thank Roanoke Electric and ACES for so generously blessing our family.”

This was the first year Roanoke Electric Cooperative joined with ACES to sponsor a family in the co-op’s service territory. ACES launched the initiative out of their Indiana headquarters in 2015, each year working with electric co-ops in rural communities to support less-fortunate member-owners during the holiday season. ACES employees raise the funds to be donated, with matching contributions from their employer.

This year also marks the first time the North Carolina ACES chapter has partnered with a rural electric co-op to sponsor a local family. “We are delighted to bring this program to North Carolina, to REC and to assist the Brown family,” said Maggie Wright, ACES North Carolina trading control manager.

The co-op’s Chief Operating Officer Marshall Cherry echoed Wright’s comments: “We are thrilled to help a Roanoke Electric family in need and grateful to the ACES family for bringing their generosity and support to our community.”

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Wed, 01/10/2018 - 11:25am
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