Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The cooperative’s board represents member-owners in safeguarding their assets in the cooperative. The board consists of nine members, who are also member-owners of the cooperative and represent each of the co-op’s directorate districts. Their responsibilities include determining objectives and setting policies, adopting long-range plans and employing the chief executive officer who oversees the co-op's daily operations. The board meets monthly to help set guidelines for management decisions. It is the responsibility of co-op member-owners to select, elect and evaluate the board of directors by participating and voting in co-op events, including the annual meeting.

Columbus Jeffers
Columbus W. Jeffers
District 1


Map of Districts of Board of Directors

Delores Amason
Delores H. Amason
District 2


Carolyn Bradley
Carolyn D. Bradley
District 3


Robert Nat Riddick
Robert "Nat" Riddick
Vice Chairman
District 4


Ken Jernigan
Kenneth Jernigan
District 5


Millard Lee
Millard C. Lee
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
District 6


Darnell Lee
Darnell E. Lee
District 7



Allen Speller
Allen Speller
District 8


Chester Deloatch
Chester Deloatch
District 9