Broadband and Beyond Webinar Series

2020 Broadband and Beyond Webinar Series: May

Roanoke Electric Cooperative announced a series of webinars to provide an update on its planned broadband rollout and share timely information on ways to bridge the digital divide during the pandemic.

The “Broadband and Beyond” information sessions offers a progress report on the co-op’s Roanoke Connect initiative, with details about the new construction schedule and deployment timelines. The current plan calls for “fiber-to-the-premises” broadband, offering homes and businesses faster connection speeds and higher bandwidth.

The novel coronavirus has heightened awareness of the plight of those without internet access in North Carolina. It has also demonstrated the critical need for broadband connectivity in the rural areas of the co-op’s service territory. “We are building our fiber network as fast we can to better serve our communities, but in the short term we want to offer some suggestions and solutions to help our member-owners during this pandemic,” Roanoke President and CEO Curtis Wynn.

To that end, the co-op has partnered with The Institute of Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University to offer the three-part webinar series. In addition to an update on Roanoke Connect, the webinars will also address the following related topics:

Accessing low-cost internet and devices

Tuesday, May 5, 11 AM – Noon

The COVID-19 pandemic underscores the critical need for solutions to overcome broadband barriers in rural communities. State and local representatives will offer timely information on how and where to access free and low-cost internet service options. They will also offer information on how to access low-cost devices, such as computers and laptops.

May 5th Webinar recording

Public WiFi: Challenges and Opportunities

Tuesday, May 12, 11 AM – Noon

The pandemic has prompted an immediate need in the community for access to public WiFi. More places have emerged offering free access to internet service. Where can these local hot spots be found? Presenters will also discuss some of the challenges of public WIFI during COVID-19 as well as address cybersecurity concerns.

May 12th Webinar recording

Telehealth in Response to COVID-19

Tuesday, May 19, 11 AM –  Noon

While telehealth is nothing new, it has become essential during this pandemic. To contain the spread of infection at hospitals, medical offices and clinics, there has been a growing reliance on virtual doctor’s visits to address health concerns remotely. The discussion will focus on the broad range of health care services now offered to patients digitally via computers and mobile devices.

May 19th Webinar recording

All member-owners are encouraged to participate in The Broadband & Beyond webinar series. The link to log in is provided for each date along with a dial in number. You will need join the webinar a few minutes early to download Microsoft Teams for free to see the virtual meeting. We encourage member- owners to use our free hot spot services to log on. Our website at lists all the hot spots available across our service territory.

Each session will last about an hour, and participants will be in listen-only mode. All webinars will be recorded and posted on the co-op’s website following each session.