Philanthropic Giving

Welcome to the Roanoke Electric Cooperative’s philanthropic giving program. Roanoke Electric Cooperative has established these guidelines for the allocation of contributions. The co-op meets quarterly to review donation requests, which are due two weeks in advance of each quarterly meeting.

2022 meeting and donation request application deadlines

First quarter meeting: Feb. 8. Donation request application deadline: Jan. 28
Second quarter meeting: May 10. Donation request application deadline: April 29
Third quarter meeting: Aug. 9. Donation request application deadline: July 29
Fourth quarter meeting: Nov. 8. Donation request application deadline: Oct. 28

Donation request application guidelines
  • Requesting organization must be based in Roanoke Electric’s service territory (Hertford, Bertie, Gates, Northampton, Halifax, Chowan, and Perquimans counties), and conduct the majority of its philanthropic activity in the territory
  • Purpose of the donation requested must be strongly related to the cooperative’s mission, vision and values
  • Preference will be given to donations that are focused on:
    • Education and youth development;
    • Workforce development, or
    • Community development
  • If request granted, requesting organization must provide follow-up documentation demonstrating how the donation was put to the use specified in the donation request form,(e.g. event or activity pictures, prepared reports documenting successful results of event or activity)
  • Organizations may request support in the form of monetary funds, goods, services, employee volunteers, promotional gifts branded with a cooperative logo or other types of requests, as long as it fits in with the aforementioned guidelines.

All requests must be submitted using the online Donation Request form and must be received by the application deadlines outlined above in order to be considered. Donation request forms received after each quarterly submission deadline will not be considered. If the applicant wishes to be considered for future quarterly donation periods, they must submit a new application.

All donation requests will be reviewed by the co-op’s Philanthropic Giving committee and decisions will be communicated to the requesting organization in a timely manner.

For questions about our philanthropic giving process, call (252) 539-4601 or email Please include the following information in your voicemail or e-mail:

  • Organization name
  • Organizational representative contact name and title
  • Times between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, when contact will be available for a follow-up call
  • Brief description of nature of the request for which organization is interested in applying