Capital Credit Refunds

As a member-owner of a cooperative, you’re part of a partnership unlike any other.

As a cooperative, Roanoke Cooperative is owned by you, our member-owners. For that reason, Roanoke Cooperative does not technically earn profits. Instead, any revenues over and above the cost of doing business are considered “margins.” These margins represent an interest-free loan from you to the cooperative. This money (capital) allows Roanoke Cooperative to finance operations and – to a certain extent – construction, with the intent that this money will be repaid to you in later years.

See our current list of unclaimed capital credits (PDF)

How does Operation RoundUp work?

Operation RoundUp allows Roanoke Cooperative member-owners to “round up” their electric bill to the next highest dollar and donate that amount to the program. For example, if your bill for the month of April was $11.85, you could round it up to $12.00 and donate the extra 15 cents to Operation RoundUp. It has been estimated that a member-owner contributes an average of 50 cents per month or $6.00 per year. The maximum amount that a member-owner can contribute in a year’s time would be $11.88. Each quarter, the board of directors for the program’s administrative body, the Roanoke Care Trust, meets to determine who will be awarded funds. The funds will be given primarily to organizations that are serving either the health, safety, educational, or recreational needs of citizens within our service area.

As a member-owner, how can I contribute?

If you are interested in signing up to contribute to the program, please call (252) 209-2236 or fill out the online application. Contributing literally only costs you pennies a month, the pennies when combined with those of other contributors, add up to powerful dollars.

For more information email or call (252) 209-2236.

Applications must be received by the date the applications are due. Those received after that date will have to be resubmitted for the next round.