Political Action

The Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE) is a non-partisan political action committee of the nation’s electric cooperatives.

As a member of Roanoke Electric Cooperative, you are among the 36 million Americans who can claim ownership in a not-for-profit, consumer-controlled utility that provides electricity at cost.

As a member, you have the unique right to make financial contributions to the campaigns of candidates who support electric cooperatives. You can do this by joining ACRE!

Our ability to serve you and your community is enhanced when supportive legislators understand that their votes matter to members like you. Candidates who receive support from ACRE get an important message about your interest and support good policy decisions on your behalf.

Help support those legislators who support your cooperative and help improve the quality of life in rural areas.

Join Us! Support Those Who Support Roanoke

With the exception of a small federal tax payment of less than 1 percent, all contributions to Co-op Owners for Political Action go directly to the campaigns of candidates for political office. About half of all contributions go to support candidates for state office, the other half for federal office.

Co-op Owners for Political Action follows established procedures for making contributions to candidates running for political office. Factors that determine financial support include a candidate’s:

  • Position on issues critical to electric co-ops, as well as their votes and public statements on these issues:
    • Committee assignments and leadership positions and his or her relative importance to co-ops; and
    • Financial need and the strength of an opponent. The candidate’s political affiliation is never taken into account.

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