Co-ops Vote

NC Co-ops Vote LogoLike all North Carolina electric cooperatives, Roanoke Cooperative is based on the principle of democratic member control, meaning that all member-owners served by the co-op have a vote and a voice in setting the co-op’s policies and strategic direction.

This commitment to democratic decision-making extends to the co-op’s efforts to reach out to members of Congress and the North Carolina General Assembly to make them aware of cooperative priorities and issues that affect co-op member-owners, and advocate for legislative changes that will positively impact our co-op and the diverse communities we serve.

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan program designed to boost voter turnout in areas served by electric cooperatives across the country to ensure their member-owners’ voices are heard and issues that concern them are prioritized every day, especially on Election Day. The program continues cooperatives’ commitment to raising awareness in rural communities.

The non-partisan campaign does not endorse nor recommend candidates, rather, it educates member-owners on candidates’ stances on important co-op issues.