Smart Energy Savings

Smart Energy Savings programs use internet technology-supported energy monitoring and management devices and capabilities, commonly known as “smart” tools, designed to save money on member-owners electric bills. These smart tool programs achieve cost-savings in a variety of ways, such as helping member-owners track and manage their own energy use and automatically decreasing use during peak demand times without affecting comfort levels. Lowering power use during peak demand times saves the Co-op money by keeping the overall cost of electricity down, and empowering member-owners to decrease energy consumption helps lower monthly electric bills.

The Co-op offers member-owners a variety of Smart Energy Savings options shown here.

Ways to Save

Saving energy means saving money and that means more money in your pocket.  There are many ways to save energy including steps you can take today at no cost.

Check out these energy resources as well as the 101 ways you can save.