Roanoke SolarShare

Nearly 30% of Roanoke Cooperative’s member-owner households have an annual income of less than $25,000. Many of these households in our community struggle with paying the monthly power bill. Working through The Roanoke Center, the co-op has created a community solar low-income assistance sponsorship program – Roanoke SolarShare. This initiative assists member-owners facing financial hardship. Your donations help us create a better quality of life and make a big difference in our local communities. This program allows low-income member-owners access to community solar in some of our most energy-burdened areas. Roanoke SolarShare gives member-owners access to clean-energy investments to help create a brighter future and reduce our carbon footprint. The program will help Roanoke Cooperative reach our net zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.

Program Highlights

Empowering Income – Qualified Member-Owners

Our utility-scale capacity reserves 100% of its output exclusively for income-qualified member-owners. This ensures that those who need it most have access to the benefits of solar energy.

Philanthropic Benefits

We believe solar energy’s value should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. To offset the cost of a solar subscription, clean energy funding partners support the benefit to income-qualified member-owners. This means they receive the full value of the solar energy produced without financial burden.

Addressing Energy Burden

By offering credits to support income-qualified member-owners, our program empowers individuals and provides leverage to address the energy burden in other community initiatives, such as addressing urgent repair. Together, we can make a difference in alleviating the energy challenges our community faces.

Community Crowdfunding

We encourage active participation from all community members. Through our crowdfunding efforts, corporations and individuals can contribute to SolarShare, thus ensuring inclusivity in solar power ownership.

Join us in embracing the power of SolarShare together. Let’s create a brighter, sustainable future. You can join the effort today by making a tax-deductible donation to the cooperative’s non-profit affiliate, The Roanoke Center.