Corporate Strategy

The Roanoke Electric Strategy is built on three pillars, our Strategic Themes, that when combined create value above and beyond average delivery of service.

  • Improve Reliability – Central to our mission, deeply embedded within many of the initiatives we undertake and the investments we make, is meeting your expectation of “keeping the lights on.”
  • Leverage Technology – We are recognized as a highly efficient cooperative applying superior service, best work practices and effective technologies that result in high value for our member-owners.
  • Build Member Value –We are recognized for delivering effective and high impact diversified services to our member-owners. We are known for our compassion, care, and commitment to the communities we serve.

Our three pillars are fundamentally supported by eight core values personified by each employee

Responding to the Call to Serve. Mission. The mission of our cooperative family is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electricity, while enhancing the quality of life in the diverse communities we serve. 1) Improve Reliability 2) Leverage Technology 3) Build Member Value. Cooperative Difference, Goal of Low Cost, Operational Excellence, Engaged Workforce. Core Values: Member-Owners First Mindest. Cutting Edge. Competent. Adaptable. Safety & Wellness. Teamwork. Trustworthy. Friendly. Vision 2021: To be a leading cooperative, providing top tier performance in safety, service, and reliability.