Corporate Strategy

After successfully executing our initial corporate strategy plan, we are excited to venture into Vision 2025 – a multi-year strategy that will help us adapt to an evolving energy industry as we strive to also meet the unique needs of this region. We’re accomplishing this by leveraging technology, using data analytics and re-emphasizing our member-owner focus.

Roanoke Cooperative’s mission is to pursue innovation relentlessly and offer the finest, most reliable, and cost-efficient services in the industry. The co-op will serve member-owners tirelessly and enhance their lives and communities. Our vision is that the co-op will commit to being one of our member-owners most trusted service providers and most admired by its peers.

In order to fulfill our mission and vision, the co-op’s new strategy will set focus on three main areas:

  • Energy resource management and development: As we continue to manage, the co-op wants to reduce its wholesale power costs and embrace distributed resources.
  • Operational excellence: The co-op desires to continue to streamline its business processes to improve the efficiency of delivering electricity to member-owners.
  • Member and community engagement: A key driver in all our strategies is our member-owners. The co-op will enhance its work around communications and connectivity and improve member-owner engagement to build trust and satisfaction with high-impact solutions.

As the co-op continues to lead the way, putting first and foremost the needs of those we serve, we encourage member-owners to take advantage of the following high-impact programs and services:

Upgrade to $aveTake advantage of a free home energy assessment and available upgrades (including insulation, duct and air sealing, heat pump improvements, waters heater wraps and LED lighting) offered through the Upgrade to $ave program.

Electric Vehicle Program: If you own an electric vehicle or are considering the option, the co-op’s program offers member-owners a discounted rate for charging their electric vehicles. In addition to the discounted rate, the first ten member-owners participating will receive a $1,000 incentive, a new home charging station at no upfront cost to you, and the option to choose their rate based on the anticipated monthly mileage.

Smart-grid Devices: Get both energy efficiency and cost savings when you get a free Ecobee3 Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat.  Member-owners also receive a $4 monthly bill credits for participating.

Roanoke Connect: Broadband service is something we realize people need and are excited to get, and Roanoke Connect is working as hard to get it to you. Be sure to register for service today.