2022 Annual Meeting & Member-Owner Celebration

Member-owners are urged to join Roanoke Electric’s virtual Annual Meeting & Member-Owner Celebration on Saturday, Aug. 27.   Participants will be able to join via video conference or by telephone.

The hour-long gathering will kick-off at 9 a.m. with the official business meeting, during which the election of three board members is on the agenda. Prior to the meeting, member-owners must cast their votes by mail or online, beginning July 22.

Survey & Ballot Systems, our elections consultant, will be mailing paper ballots to each member-owner. In addition, the co-op will be launching a new website, where member-owners can cast their vote online.  The last day to submit your ballot is Aug. 24, 2022.

2015 Ford Focus Electric

Following the business meeting, door prizes will be raffled off to participating member-owners.  The co-op will also announce the lucky winner of this year’s electric vehicle giveaway (courtesy of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation).

Additionally, meeting participants will be entered into a door prize drawing for additional giveaways, including two $500 cash prizes.