Usage alerts: How to better manage energy consumption

Posted: September 13, 2019 at 6:14 pm

woman on her smartphoneAre you looking for ways to save on your home’s heating costs this fall and winter?

Roanoke Electric Co-op encourages member-owners to sign up for energy usage alerts, delivered via text or email. These alerts let you know when your energy consumption has reached a certain level, so you can adjust usage accordingly.

“High energy alerts are an easy and convenient way for member-owners to better manage their usage this upcoming season,” said Johnetta Chavis, the co-op’s supervisor of member services. “This way, member-owners will know at a moment’s notice if you are consuming more than you budgeted for your monthly power bill rather than waiting until the end of the billing cycle,” said Chavis.

Approximately 1,900 member-owners have signed up in the program. “The convenience of having this real-time information has proven very beneficial in helping them manage their accounts,” added Chavis.

To sign up, simply Text JOIN to 352667 to opt-in for text alerts or call the office at (252) 209-2236 to receive alerts via email.