Fourtee Acres: A Family Journey to a Sustainable Future

Posted: November 8, 2018 at 12:02 pm
Among other goals, the owners of Fourtee Acres want to educate and energize other families.

By Tyrone Williams

Farming was a way of life for Tussie and Roxanna Williams (my grandparents), who married in 1910. Roxanna’s maternal family (the Wilkins) actually owned property prior to her marriage to Tussie and brought property into the marriage. Together, over the years, they were able to purchase land, of which 195 acres remains under family ownership to this day.

Fourtee Acres, which I own along with my wife, Edna, and our three sons, is part of the century-old Williams Family Farm. We established Fourtee Acres as a 62-acre, minority-owned, family-owned forestry, farming and rental property with the birth of our youngest child in 1994.

The name Fourtee Acres is a play on the proverbial “forty acres and a mule” that was promised to African-Americans after slavery, with a twist to acknowledge the “Four T’s” (Tyrone, Trevelyn, Tremaine and Tyron). The double EE’s at the end represent the “Energizing Effort” that Edna has brought to our family and to the continuing legacy of the Williams name. She has embraced this endeavor as her own legacy (as it is) and has made all of the work worthwhile. She is our backbone!

Our family enterprise is engaged in and committed to sustainability for the future. We have established the following goals for our beloved Fourtee Acres. Our goals are:

  1. Succession planning
  2. Generate sustainable income/wealth
  3. Conservation of the environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation and wildlife through sound management practices.

The Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Project has led the way and been a centerpiece in our family journey, along with our partners. We are fortunate to have the financial and technical support of such a program and resource professionals to assist us in reaching our family goals.

We believe in leaving things better than we found them, and to that end, we hope to share our story, our journey to engage, entertain, educate and energize other families. We invite you to like and follow us on Facebook